5% Off BitRaser File Eraser Coupon Code

5% Off BitRaser File Eraser Coupon Code
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Get 5% Off BitRaser File Eraser Coupon Code.

BitRaser File Eraser v5.0 is a simple and powerful software for safeguarding data privacy through secure wiping of sensitive files on Windows systems. The tool is ideal for anyone who uses a computer and wants to secure themselves from data threats in a wide range of scenarios viz. frequent web browsing on PC,  handing over the system for repair or upgrade, using a shared device, selling or exchanging a used laptop, etc. BitRaser File Eraser equips you with a DIY solution for wiping sensitive files across all these scenarios, safeguarding your personal data from risks of theft or exposure. The latest version 5.0 of the software offers an unmatched user experience with a simplified interface, effortless navigation, and switchable themes. 

Key Features

Erase All Storage Drives & Devices
Wipe desktop, laptop, 2-in-1s, and other leading Windows-based devices. The tool can also erase files from an external hard drive, USB pen drive, SD card, and server storage. Supports brands like Aces®, ASUS®, Dell®, Lenovo®, Sony®, Samsung®, and more.

Wipe All Types of Sensitive Files
Erase all types of personal files such as photos, videos, tax records, social security number, credit card statements, personal health records, official documents, and more. Safeguard the sensitive information when sharing your PC, handing it over for an upgrade or repair, exchanging it, or selling it off. 

Clear Web Browsing History 
Erase web search and browsing history along with all the traces of Internet activities – cookies, temporary files, favorites, and autocomplete data for forms and passwords. The file erasure tool can wipe your Internet usage history across all leading browsers viz. Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE, Microsoft Edge, Opera, & SeaMonkey. 

Remove App & System Traces 
The tool removes app traces such as activity logs, preferences, and personal information generated using News apps, Instant Messengers, Email apps, Peer-to-Peer apps, etc. It also removes temporary files that accumulate on your computer with routine usage to free up storage space & improve system performance. 

Erase the Deleted Data
The software can erase the deleted files from drives & partitions, thus ensuring their permanent removal. It safeguards your sensitive deleted files against recovery & misuse using tools that can retrieve the files you had emptied from the Recycle Bin or permanently deleted using SHIFT + DEL keys.

Search & Wipe Specific Files
The file wiping tool allows you to search for specific files stored on your computer hard drive, folders, and subfolders. Additionally, the file erasure software can also find a specific file by using its extension, which can be immensely helpful when you don't know or remember the file name.

Wipe with Total Assurance
The software packs world-class data erasure technology to give you a failsafe assurance of personal data protection. It uses specialized erasure standards, ensuring that data once erased cannot be recovered by using any tool or technique. 

Schedule the Erasure Tasks     
BitRaser File Eraser can preset the wiping tasks based on time, day & frequency and runs them automatically as per the schedule. It allows you to choose the files, folders, & traces at frequencies ranging from once, daily, weekly to monthly, or with system boot. Now, you can also add files to an “ignore list” to skip their erasure.


Save 5% Off BitRaser File Eraser Discount Code.

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