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Recover XLS, XLSX, and ODS spreadsheets produced by Microsoft Excel and Open Office. Starus Excel Recovery can quickly undelete files removed from the Recycle Bin or deleted with Shift+Del, or perform a comprehensive scan of the entire disk in order to locate and recover documents stored on formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible device. Password-protected and NTFS-compressed spreadsheets can be recovered.

Starus Excel Recovery undeletes Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets that go missing. Featuring two modes of operation, Starus Excel Recovery can either restore documents in a matter of minutes or perform a comprehensive, low-level scan of the entire disk surface looking for missing documents. In comprehensive analysis mode, the tool can successfully recover documents located on damaged, formatted and repartitioned storage media.

Starus Excel Recovery features some of the finest data recovery algorithms on the market. It shares its data recovery engine with Starus top of the line tools, enabling surefooted recovery from badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible volumes. Its content-aware analysis engine reads disk content in low level, looking for characteristic signatures identifying the XLS/XLSX/ODS formats. Once a known signature is encountered, the tool can determine the exact location and length of a spreadsheet. With content-aware analysis, the tool can reliably detect and recover documents even if no file system is available on the disk after an accident or following a virus attack.

You may not have the time to perform the full disk scan, needing your documents back right away. If this is the case, Starus Excel Recovery features a blazing-fast Quick Recovery mode. Working on healthy, undamaged disks only, this mode identifies and recovers deleted spreadsheets in a matter of seconds. If you cleared the Recycle Bin, deleted a file by an accident with Shift+Del or used a third-party program to erase the file, use Quick Recovery to reinstate your files in no time.

Starus Excel Recovery delivers a 100% success guarantee. Unlike competing tools, Starus Excel Recovery performs a secondary check on every spreadsheets it discovers before adding it to the list of recoverable documents. As a result, every single file you see listed is guaranteed to recover successfully.

All versions of FAT and NTFS file systems are supported on all types of storage media.

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