10 Causes of Hair Loss

Hair is made of keratin , the same protein that nails and outer layer of skin make up .

The hair shaft consists of :

1 – protective outer layer with color .
2 – Medium layer hair is given hardness and color .
3 – The marrow and its cells permeate air voids .
4 – the hair root is found under the skin and is inside an encapsulated part and receives nourishment through fine capillaries .
5 – The gland adjacent to this part secrets fatty substances that give hair shine and make it more resistant to water and external factors .

Below this section are the cells that divide and produce new hair .
The hair follicles in the fetus are formed as it grows in the womb , and no new follicles are formed after birth .The first hair that grows during pregnancy is called pregnancy fluff ,which is thin and melanin free .
The hair usually falls out at the eighth month of pregnancy and is called the first hair that grows after birth .it is a fluff of childbirth .it is thin and melanin _free ,and its grows does not exceed 2 cm and remains in places free of hair , such as the forehead and areas that suffer from hair loss .
Hair grows under the influence of male sex hormones ,when puberty permanent hair replaces birth hair and permanent hair is longer and thicker and contains melanin .
Hair growth is affected by age , disease ,or various physiological factors . The stage of active growth of hair in ordinary people extends to 5 years or more .It is followed by the transformation phase and lasts for two to three weeks .Then the hair enters the resting phase ,which extends to 12 weeks before the hair falls due to the new hair growth .
Hair growth rate is 1 cm every month and it is faster in summer than winter ..
Hair grows and falls regularly ,and it is normal that about 100 to 150 hairs fall from the scalp daily .

10 Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair falls out for many reasons in order to maintain your hair and its appearance you must know the reasons for falling out to avoid it .

  1. Certain organic diseases lead to hair loss ,including deficiency of the thyroid gland ,pituitary gland and diabetes , and when it is due to this ,you must adhere to the treatment prescribed by the doctor completely .
  2. Anemia and iron deficiency required to nourish the hair bult .
  3. combing the hair the wrong way or pulling it incorrectly .
  4. dysfunction of hormones due to organic or external causes ,such as taking birth control pills .
  5. bad mood , where hair falls after three to four months after psychological crises .
  6. alopecia areata , and common disease affecting men and women .
  7. the genetic factor mainly affects men and affects women after a certain age .
  8. some drugs have to do with it , including cancer treatment drugs .
  9. Frequent use of hair dyes and hair preparations rich in chemicals , It is better to use those types made from natural materials .
  10. The Cruel diet that causes the lack of the necessary nutrients for your hair , which weakens it and makes it vulnerable to external factors ,causing it fall out .

Commandments to preserve your hair and make it more beautiful :

you can deal with your hair in away that maintains its elegance and beauty by sticking to certain Commandments such as :

  • Reducing the use of hair dyes .
  • Gently massage the scalp with the fingertips while washing and rinsing .
  • do not put shampoo directly to the hair , but prefer to dilute it with warm water .
  • wash the hair well and rid of shampoo completely until you get the desired shine .
  • use the comb to styling hair and rid it of dust and tangles before washing .
  • use lukewarm water with hair to rid of stickily soil .
  • when coming your hair while it is wet , use a wide comb , because wet hair will cut off quickly if a narrow comb is used .also avoid combing your hair violently so that it does not cut .
  • use an egg yolk with a quarter cup of mayonnaise for dry hair . and it is advised to make a warm bath for hair by wrapping it in a warm wet towel and leaving it for 15 minutes and then washed with cold water .
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