Bitdefender gravityzone advanced business security review

The gravity zone advanced business security is an all in one safety solution that includes unified safety and protection management for email, servers, workstations and mobile devices. The specialty of gravity zone advanced business security is safeguarding the data for complete end point hard drive by leveraging the encryption mechanisms offered by Mac and windows. It also considers the benefit of native device encryption to guarantee the complete compatibility as well as improved performance.

The gravity zone is an amazing business solution, which can be locally installed or hosted by the Bitdefender. Its products also include advanced heuristics, multi layered security with verified machine learning, firewall, great anti exploit, signatures, anti-ransom ware are added in each option. Actually, the gravity zone documentation contains many documents and each offer specific information based on the user operations and role performed.

The gravity zone advanced business security is also a suggested platform by a company for mid-sized firms. It usually covers both virtual and physical machines running Linux, Mac OS, windows and Microsoft exchange servers. It also provides widespread protection for both desktops and servers along with mobile devices as well as anti-spam and safety for exchange mail boxes. Along with, this platform allows you to control access to the complete forms of removable devices linked to the end points.


Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

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Great features of gravity zone advanced business security

The gravity zone advanced business security can be usually managed through a cloud based interface or can be simply hosted on principle. If you determine to host it in a house, you can simply utilize it to manage the complete mobile devices that are otherwise not wrapped by a standard cloud based management interface. In terms of network and device protection features, this platform ticks entire right boxes. The gravity zone advanced business security also makes the best use of machine learning models from Bitdefender to identify and prevent the malware attacks.

Another great thing about GZABS is working in a zero trust mode, wherein it continually monitors the entire running processes to look for the abnormal process behaviour or distrustful activities. However, this would enable it to catch the normal attack vectors that include to process code in another space of process, to camouflage the process type and much more. Moreover, the gravity zone advanced business security has a mechanism to prevent the zero day assaults that carried out via elusive activities by modifying the memory bribery susceptibilities in the famous efficiency applications such as document readers, browsers and common files include media files.

In addition to, this platform allows you to limit access to entire kinds of removable devices linked to the end points. Also, it has a web filtering technology to scan the web traffic to block the malware download and also prevent access to fake as well as phishing pages. If any risk is perceived, GZABS can take one of the normal actions such as eliminating or isolating the infected file and upsetting process. If you manage GZABS on basis, you can take benefits of its ransomware alleviation, which takes a real time backup of files altered by the nasty processes. Once the risk has been counteracted, these backups can be utilized to roll back any changes.

Bitdefender gravity zone advanced business security

Uses and interface

The basic interface for handling GZABS is a cloud interface called gravity zone control centre. This dashboard usually consists of a drift line of malware activity and also provides practice down abilities for some of other factors called as port lets in a phrasing of an online interface. You can even customize every port let or include the fresh ones from its source of port lets. Some of these port lets are including status of malware and status of updates, which permit you to do actions openly on the end points from inside them. In order to choose the installer packages for end points, you will have to cook them initially based on your needs.

This online interface also allows you to describe the installer packages by choosing that parts to add along with some installation settings that include a custom installation path, an uninstallation password and many more. After that, you can choose the packages in many formats. Along with this, the small installers can weigh around 5 MB and will fetch the needed packages from the web during installation. So, you can select the packages as full kits, which weigh in around 700 MB. Even the advanced users will gain the policies page that permits you to well adjust the performance of many modules.

Pricing and plans

At present, the Bitdefender is providing discount on a subscription of GZABS. The smallest package it provides covers up to five end points for one, two and three years. Here, the subscribed end points can be servers. This includes entire windows server installations and Linux workstations. If you subscribe to its least coverage of five end points, these can be either Linux or windows server installations. If you really need to cover three servers, you will have to subscribe to safeguard the eight end points. If you want to subscribe to a few other safety features, you can pay a lot to extend your protection coverage. In spite of their humongous size, the end points clients do not even provide any genuine functionality apart from running scans.


  • Fully priced
  • Policy based control
  • Covers Linux, Mac OS and windows


  • A difficult user interface
  • Conditional support for mobile devices


Overall, the gravity zone advanced business security is a capable platform that provides the complete normal features that you would expect from an endpoint safeguarding platform. It also supports the Linux in which a platform does not even provide a convincing reason to suggest it over its aristocrats. When it comes to considering the entire things, the function of policies is possibly a unique one that appropriate of the platform, which splits it from the peers. Apart from its functionality, the gravity zone advanced business security does not even provide anything, which you cannot even obtain with its peers.

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