Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

Be safe from cyber threats with Bitdefender Gravity Zone Advanced Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business-Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business-Security

If you are looking for a corporate security tool which offers comprehensive protection for servers, desktops and your mobile device Bitdefender Gravity Zone is the best bet for you. This efficient console also offers security and anti-spam solutions for your exchange mailboxes. Although there are several similar types of corporate security software available in the market, a number of independent tests conducted worldwide suggest that Bitdefender Gravity Zone ranks high in protection and performance as compared to its competitors.

The biggest advantage of this system is that you can use its single console to not only optimize your desktop and mobile security but also ensure protection for your servers, physical and virtual machines and emails.

Best protection against malware, ransomware, and spams

With its consistent commitment towards innovation and technology development, Bitdefender detects any type of security threats to your physical and virtual systems. Ranging from everyday malware to high-level ransomware waves and cyber-attacks, this software does miss out even a single threat that might impact the performance of your systems. Due to its accuracy and high-performance standards, Bitdefender Gravity Zone has bagged all the VB Spam awards till date. This corporate security solution also scores high on spam detection rates.

Maintain Spotless reputation and high business output with Bitdefender

Owing to its advanced security features Bitdefender ensures you protection against any type of data breaches and hence, enabling you to avoid any loss of intellectual property, business disruption or consumer information leaks which otherwise would have resulted in financial impacts for your business. Thus with Bitdefender Gravity Zone, you can easily gain an advantage against any severe, as well as smallest possible malware attack.

Single console for email protection and security for servers, workstations, and more

With Bitdefender Gravity Zone you can ensure security for the servers, workstations and mobile devices that are available with its on-premise console. However, make sure that the number of servers does not exceed 35 per cent of the total number of devices permitted in the license agreement. You can now bid farewell to system slowdowns, and malware infections as Bitdefender Gravity Zone Advanced Business Security solution also offer protection for a large number of Exchange Mailboxes.

To be more accurate while purchasing this efficient malware protection solution, you are entitled to security of as many mailboxes as 150 per cent of the total number of devices covered under your license. Hence, with Bitdefender Gravity Zone you get access to comprehensive management and protection against all attack vectors that too with a single console.

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

Ultimate protection against internet-based threats

Another advantage of Bitdefender Gravity Zone Advanced Business Security is that it protects you against any internet based threats such as phishing and hacking. Important functions such as IDS, firewall, web filtering and application control are integrated within the Bitdefender console. With Bitdefender solutions, you can also remotely block or restrict employee access to certain web pages and applications.

Bitdefender Gravity Zone is better than all its competitors as unlike other malware solutions; it does not charge any premium for device control and web protection. With the web control and user control features of this console, you can easily restrict access to any sensitive applications or websites which may harm your business productivity and reputation.

Save valuable time with better management

As the bottom-up design of Bitdefender Gravity Zone includes integration with Citrix, Active Directory, VM Ware or XenServer available on-premise, you can efficiently streamline your security process; thus, saving valuable time and energy. The Bitdefender on-premise console can be configured and hence, be ready to use in merely 30 minutes as it detects and removes the previously installed AV solution automatically.

Save money with Bitdefender

Bitdefender Gravity Zone optimizes, as well as centralizes scan tasks, allowing you to run up to 30 per cent more virtual systems in comparison to traditional AV solutions. The advanced catching mechanisms and scanning offload features of Gravity Zone allow you to save a significant amount of money as you can now run a higher number of machines using the same infrastructure.

Free 24/7 support

You can rely on the professional assistance offered by the highly trained and experienced engineers of Bitdefender Gravity Zone solutions in case you need any technical assistance regarding the product. The technical support is available in English 24/7 via email, phone or chat.

How to install Bitdefender

You may use the Cloud Console option or the on-premise console to get going with this product. For using the Cloud console option, you just need to log into the website of Bitdefender using your credentials received via email. Use the download link or the mass development options available on the website to start the installation process. Hereafter, you can use the remote web console to customise the protection settings. The installation guide available on the Bitdefender website offers all the details regarding installing Bitdefender Gravity Zone.

You can gain more control over the malware protection console using the on-premise option. For using this option, you need to download the virtual appliance which best suits your environment using the download link offered by your reseller. You can also get the download link via email by signing up for the free 30-day trial version. All you need to do now is to load the virtual appliance into the hypervisor and go forward with the configuration steps. You can deploy endpoints by accessing the console address in your browser. 

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security

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