Bitdefender GravityZone Elite review 2021

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite is a well-known company grade hosted endpoint security solution. The comprehensive controls in this tool with easy to use nature satisfy all users. This product stands out mainly for its anti-ransomware protection features and detection capabilities. 

A reliable policy management function of this tool makes it very popular worldwide in recent times. This system works well on the Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux platforms. This system provides full support for the latest mobile platforms.  

If you own a small, midsize, or large business, then you can prefer and use this tool hereafter. You will get different benefits from the device control, software firewall, anti-malware, antivirus, and Microsoft Exchange protection on the server-side. 

Next-Generation endpoint protection  

  • GravityZone Elite is enhanced with human risk analytics. 
  • This platform is rich in integrated endpoint protection, attack forensic, and risk management. This platform is improved with user behaviour risk analytics. 
  • All users of the Bitdefender are satisfied with the world’s strongest prevention, attack forensics and visualization, and endpoint hardening and risk management. They are happy to use and recommend this product as it is well integrated with the next-generation security for virtual, physics, cloud, and mobile endpoints as well as email. 
  • GravityZone Elite provides several layers of defense which outperforms the usual endpoint security. It adds the human element into the security ecosystem of its users, reduces the management overhead while providing users omnipresent visibility and control.    

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

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The main features of the GravityZone Elite

You may be a beginner to the GravityZone Elite and think about how to properly use this tool right now. You can pay attention to everything about the main features of this tool and make a good decision to use it as efficiently as possible. 

  • Human risk analytics
  • Network attack defense
  • Attack forensics exposes threat kill chain
  • Risk analytics for controlling risks and reducing the attack surface
  • Hyperdetect blocks file-less attacks at pre-execution
  • Sandbox analyzer improves targeted attack detection
  • Exploit defense safeguards memory
  • Machine learning predicts and blocks advanced attacks

Human risk analytics 

GravityZone Elite helps a lot to find user actions and behaviors which pose a security risk to the organization like poor password management, unencrypted web pages for logging into the websites, recurrent infections, usage of compromised USBs in the business’s network, and other things. You can use this platform and place the human element in the middle of the risk analytics as well as the management method. You will get 100% satisfaction as it supports your business to become hard to breach. 

Network attack defense 

GravityZone Elite has a network attack defense facility. This new endpoint network security layer is useful a lot by detecting and preventing the attacks which use the overall network vulnerabilities. You can use this facility and detect so many attacks from the lateral movement like port scanners and Brute Force, web services attacks such as SQL injections, privacy breaches via phishing attacks to access email addresses, credit cards details and passwords, and traffic levels attacks like malicious URLs, remote IoT attacks and botnets. 

Attack forensics and visualization  

Attack forensics and visualization improves the visibility level in the thread landscape of the business and reveals the broad context of attacks on the endpoints. You can use this facility and get an array of favourable things. For example, this facility lets users zero in on particular threats and perform remediation action.  

GravityZone Elite module has the root-cause analysis, remediation actions associated with the threads identified and blocked by the GravityZone prevention methods such as Antimalware, and attack kill-chain visualization. 

The kill-chain visualization is designed to understand how any blocked attack was formulated and supporting users zero in on particular attack stages, files, machines, processes, web domains, and other things involved.  

Users of this tool can undertake manual actions like running the PowerShell commands remotely on the infected machine, quarantine a file, kill a process, or add a file to any shared blocklist.  


Bitdefender HyperDetect has the best machine learning models and also a stealth attack detection system. It successfully forms an extra security layer and detects modern attacks and suspicious actions in the pre-execution phase. 

HyperDSandbox Analyzeretect

GravityZone Elite has the Sandbox Analyzer for providing the pre-execution detection of modern attacks through the process of automatically sending files requiring further analysis to the cloud sandbox and using remediation action as per the verdict. 

Exploit Defense  

The Exploit Defense in the Bitdefender supports a lot for extending the list of exploits to the pre-execution phase for enabling the protection against unknown and known exploits early in the attack chain.

Machine Learning   

GravityZone Elite has the best stuff to leverage machine learning across the overall portfolio. Some examples of Bitdefender technology using machine learning are Content Control, sandbox analyzer, and global protective network. 

Risk analytics and hardening 

GravityZone Elite includes the complete risk analytics and hardening module. It includes endpoint risk management and analytics, patch management, encryption, web-threat protection, application control, and device control. 

GravityZone Elite Prevention 

Important things in the prevention section of the GravityZone Elite are the exploit defense, Fileless attack defense, local and cloud machine learning, email security, malicious process monitoring, hyper detect tunable machine learning, firewall, network attack defense, automated sandbox analysis, and automatic disinfection and removal. 

GravityZone Elite attack and forensic visualizations 

Attack and forensic visualizations of this tool include the kill-chain visualization, root-cause analysis, and remote command shell. 

GravityZone Elite reporting and integration 

Reporting and integration of the GravityZone Elite are dashboards and reports, notifications, API support, and SIEM integration. 

Conclusion  Modern features of the GravityZone Elite nowadays encourage business people and business administrators worldwide to prefer and use it. You can explore the basics of this product and get an overview about how to use it for your business development with no doubt and worry about the safety of your business online. You will get 100% satisfaction from this well-thought-out policy management system and be encouraged to recommend this great piece of software to others. 

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