GSA URL Redirect PRO

What Is GSA URL Redirect PRO

A lot of URL shorteners convert lengthy web page address to short URL that includes of random numbers and letters. Other URL shorteners enable you to change your chosen URL in such a manner that you keep your keyword for that particular web page. By retaining the keywords in the URL, targeted audience tend to visit your website and easily remember the webpage address for another visit and referral to friends.

GSA URL Redirect PRO

GSA URL Redirect PRO

GSA URL Direct Pro is one of the best URL shorteners available in the market today. It can make thousands of new links within a few minutes, which can redirect straight to your site. You will find different URL types, which the software can make; however, 301 redirect type will be the one everybody is interested it. This will bring the PR from the domain to the internet site that makes this tool very powerful.

GSA URL Redirect PRO
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Features of GSA URL Redirect PRO

  • Simple to use
  • One time free license
  • Free updates
  • Save URLs and utilize them within your chosen applicants
  • Automatically send created URLs to different indexing services
  • Use as many threads you prefer
  • No browser is utilized in background
  • More than 1000 internet websites in database and growing
  • Super fast

Why You Should Use GSA URL Redirect PRO

GSA URL Redirect PRO

GSA URL Redirect PRO

It shortens your URL

The very first reason why you need to use this tool is that shortens your URL. Did you know that shortening your URL would prevent your link from having space? It makes easier for your clients to copy and paste your link and get to your website or provide more reliable and faster.

It offers tracking ability

Unless you’re well-versed on how to track the links, traffic, how to read and understand Google Analytics in your site, choosing GSA URL Direct Pro will offer you a lot of information about where the traffic is coming from, what people are doing on the site and how many clicks you received.

It offers you an edge in affiliate marketing

You will find lots of benefits here for utilizing GSA URL Direct Pro. First, a lot of affiliate marketers who are getting started wants to use their affiliate links for the program. Such links, again can be quite lengthy and arduous and keep together.

It affects Google ranking and SEO

Considering that your webpage can be promoted through social media like Twitter or Facebook, at the same time promote them using a smartphone as SMS text messages, the site page rank and greatly enhanced as you promote them more often through URL shorteners.

URL Shortening is now becoming more famous as it has many uses for several online activities. Moreover, with the availability of URL shortener from GSA, social networking becomes easy through sharing ideas and thoughts found on the website; and internet marketing is further improved by shortening URL links while retaining the keywords.

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